Bill Maher,Stephen Colbert,Jon Stewart


Three of the best ,Stephen Colbert ended his show before he goes to talk show late night, Jon Stewart just announced he is ending his show later this year–ok Bill Maher-you cannot retire!

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The Theory of Everything

imagesCAJ5CWRL imagesCA66XODLI think if I make it home in the am

I will watch this on my apple tv got for Christmas. So glad Eddie got

the Oscar for his potrayal of Stephen Hawkins.

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images3 imagesCA7MES9K images4 imagesCAUADCODHere it comes again, I know Boston would laugh at us but its alot for here-this time(Feb 25/26-2015)expecting 4-12 inches . I have to work in Williamsburg and get home to Portsmouth in the am. Here’s hopin.

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Great place for concerts. Went there this last August for Josh Groban. They have a concert series here every summer . They already have a great lineup for this year. 

Only 40 mi away from Albany New York . You travel thru the Berkshires Mountains on the Tatonic Pkwy to get there. Also beautiful and a place to go see in the fall.


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Lunatic Luau 2015

Will add links later-Lunatic Luau 2015 Virginia Beach VA on May

1st,Friday will include Godsmack,Papa Roach,Halestorm,Suicidal


We are Harlot and Starset. You can find a link to get tickets at

images images2



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Time for me to either get back to this or drop it.

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avenged sevenfold coming to Lunatic Luau 2014

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